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Using Email for Marketing – Part 2

Using Email marketing as part of your business strategyIn my last post on this subject (Using Email for marketing – Part 1) I explained why just connecting with your customers on social sites like Facebook is not neccesarily getting your message out to as many people as you may think, and that one of the best methods to communicate is email.

So how do you use email to help with customer relations?

Although it is best practices to use an email “autoresponder” you can do basic email “list” marketing through your email program. There is however more risk doing it this way. The first thing to do is get your customers to give you their email address, sounds easy enough but this can actually be quite a hard thing to do. Most people online are very cautious about giving out there email, especially with all the spam that get’s delivered every day. So the thing to do is offer an incentive, have a very clear and easy to find privacy policy and above all else, don’t abuse the trust.

Once you have the email list going, it’s all about communication.

This does not mean sending an email three times a day promoting your products/services, as you will soon find people reporting you for spam if you do this. Rather, approach your email marketing in a way that gives the subscriber 80% good, clear and helpful advice and 20% marketing of things related to that advice. The key is to develop a relationship which will not only help you make more sales with the customer, but will also entice them to share news about your business and recommend it to thier friends.

One thing you must do….

…..with each and every email to your list, is have a clear and prominent instruction on how the receiver can stop getting emails from you, and also have a clear name and mailing address (physical) for the sender. This is a must have in all your emails to any subscriber and not having it can create serious trouble for you and even get you prosecuted under the spam act laws.

So, the steps are to get your customers email address and then provide solid content for the majority of the emails, with some relevant “plugs” occasionally too.

I personally recommend MailChimp for my autoresponder needs.

Want more information and help with Email Marketing? Let me know in the comments so I can help.

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