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10 Tips For More Website Visitors

Its not magic, just common senseWhat can you do to get your website seen by more people?

There is nothing mystical about getting people to visit your website, though some will try to tell you it is a black art that only they can do.

Following the tips below with enthusiasm and consistency will reward your efforts and help get the word out about your website both online and offline. These 10 ways to get more people to visit your website have nothing to do with any “magical formulas”,  just good common sense ideas to help you get more people to see your website.

1 – Ask your friends and family to share your website link on their Social Media.

The more your website link is shared via social media the more chance that people will check it out. It is also really good for search engine optimisation as some social media sites are regularly scanned by search engines. Do not go over the top and inundate friends and family with your requests to do this, rather ask them to share specific pages from your website at different times. If you get them to do it too often it may work against you and their friends will get sick of it.

2 – Talk about it and hand out business cards.

Word of mouth is still one of the best methods to get new visitors and because they come from a personal contact they will be warm to your ideas already. Whenever you are around groups of people who are potential clients then you should try to have a conversation that leads to them asking about your business. This will then give you the opportunity to pass them your business card whilst talking about what you offer.

3 – Join and contribute to forums in your industry.

Some allow you to use a signature which you can have a link to your website in. If you are friendly and helpful on the forums then members will check out your website through the link to learn more about you. It is important to take your time and be courteous and helpful when using forums to obtain traffic. The key is to build trust and form credibility so people will want to check out your link. If you only join a forum to promote your business then the chances are you will not stay a member for long when the admins work this out.

4 – Comment on other peoples blogs that are relevant to your business or your target demographics.

Put your web address in the section provided for it and always provide helpful and relevant comments. This is especially good if the website you comment on has a lot of visitors from people looking for information or help on the same subject you offer products in. Even if the blogs use “no follow” type links for your website, other commenters and visitors to the blog may still follow your link if they see you as an authority on the subject you comment on.

5 – Create more content for your website.

Content marketing is the new/old catch cry for SEO experts these days, however it has been a great way to help create interest in your website for a long time and is not a new tactic at all. The search engines, Google in particular, rely on good quality content to return relevant results for what people ask on their search pages. The more of this you can provide, the more likely it is your rankings will increase as the search engines find it. If you have a blog on your website aim to consistently post at least one article a week on it, if you can also get people to create discussions on it using comments, then that will boost your search engine ranking too.

6 – If you share photos on Social Media, have your website address as a watermark on the photo.

The more people see it and share, the more people see your website address and the more exposure your business will have. There are a lot of people who use social media these days so any way you can get in front of more of them will be beneficial. Though their is no guantee your photos will be shared, they will still show on other peoples news feeds and your branding will still be seen. If you use image services like Pinterest, then this is a great way to get extra exposure for your websites address and your business branding.

7 – Use your website address in your email signature.

You send emails to family, friends and acquaintances, so why not make the best of it. This works well if the emails you send are likely to be forwarded to other people as then your signature line gets shared around. It you are emailing information to someone, then you could ask them to forward the email to anyone they think may be interested in it and they will also get your signature line.

8 – If your car is suitable (ie: not falling apart), get your business name and web address put on the back window.

Your stuck in traffic, waiting for a break to get to where you want to go, when you see a car with a great business name plastered on the back window. You quickly jot down the website so you can check them out later. You never know who is in the traffic around you and if they have a need for your services, we all get stuck in it at times. Car based signage has worked for all sorts of tradesmen and bigger business groups over the years and can also work for you.

9 -Put your website link in as many relevant places as possible.

The more times someone sees your web address, the more chance they will visit it. Be careful to make sure you do not put it anywhere that is not legal, or without permission. Community notice boards, shop windows and other public notice areas are great places to share. If you are a member of a local sporting club, an association or a community organisation, then inquire as to where you can place a small advertisement that has your website details on it. All they can do is say no, but if they say yes then that is more possible customers who see your offers.

10 – Make sure you have filled out the about/profile section on your Social Media sites?

Make sure you put your website link in there, both in the place for it AND somewhere in your business description. I always look at peoples profiles on social media to find out more about them and see what they offer through their business. And many other people do the same. There are areas on most social media sties that allow you to create a short bio of who you are and what you do, make sure you fill this out, including linking to your website, so that people looking can get to your website through your profile.

So, the 10 tips above are helpful for getting your website seen. Some are quite easy to implement quickly whilst other may take some time and consistency. Whichever of these tips you use, you can be sure that they will help your online branding to some degree.

Which of these tips do you use to help with your website traffic? Do you have any other good ways to get traffic to your website that I haven’t mentioned? Please share them with us in the comments below. Remember, sharing is caring. ~Ian


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