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5 Steps To Create Content That Provides Value And Gets Visitors To Your Site

IC Enterprises - 5 Steps To Create Content That Provides Value And Gets Visitors To Your SiteContent marketing has been said to be an essential part of any online strategy for the years ahead, but not all content is created equally.

In this article you will see that cretaing valuable content can increase your lead generation. Creating content that your site visitor wants to read is the key to increasing your lead generation. If your readers are not interested in what you are writing, they will not stick around to do anything else either.

To do this you need to know some things about your target audience/ideal customer:

  • What do they need help with
  • Are they mainly male or female
  • What is their average age
  • Are they prepared to spend money to solve their problems
  • Where do they hang out online
  • Can you help them with what they need

Once you have this worked out you can begin creating a workflow of content generation to provide information that helps them and also ties in with your product or service. There are a couple of steps to do in this so I will break them down for you.

Step 1 – Research

There is no point blindly creating content if you do not know what your potential readers are actually looking for. To find this out you will need to take a little time and do some research.

Using a KeyWord tool such as WordTracker – wordtracker.com – type in some words that apply to the subject you want to write about and see how many people are using the terms in searches, and also get variations on the keywords to give you more ideas.

Also look at places where your target audience hangs out online and see if there are any common questions that are being asked.

Join Facebook groups and GooglePlus communities that are related to your business type and ask questions. Use Yahoo answers, LinkedIn groups, Twitter search and any blogs that you can find to get ideas about potential content that will address peoples needs.

Use this research to come up with a relevant and enticing headline for your content that relates to the questions people are asking.

Step 2 – Create A List Of Sub Headlines

It is important that when you are creating your content you include everything needed to provide value. The best way to make sure this happens is to write a list of sub-headings or points that you want to cover.

Sub-headings throughout your article are important as many readers just skim articles to get an idea of what it is about. Creating this list not only helps them, but also helps keep you on track throughout your writing.

Step 3 – Start Writing

This is the part where you start to get your article written in full, but there is a way to do this that speeds up the process.

The biggest mistake most people make when writing content is they try to edit it as they write. This makes it almost impossible to get all your thoughts down quickly and breaks the continuity of the article. 

A better approach is to remove any distractions, sit comfortably at a desk or wherever you usually work and just write freely, without worrying about spelling or layout, and get the whole article done in one session.

If you can do this without going back over what you have written and editing it, you will get more content written in a shorter time and the article will have all the information in it you wanted.

Step 4 – Edit Your Writing

Whilst something most people find to be a chore, editing your content turns it from a rough stone into a sparkling gem.

Take the time to read through what you have written and see that it makes sense. Remove any unnecessary words and padding that may distract and format the article into paragraphs using your subheadings to break it up. If possible, get someone else to read it and make sure it flows nicely.

At this stage make sure you have a call to action within your article to give your readers a direction.

Step 5 – Publish And Share 

This is the final part of the content creation.

If you use images in your posts, find or create one to go with your article. Publish the content on your blog, ensuring you create tags that are relevant. Then, share your article on Social Media sites to get people to your site, ask your followers to share it to their friends and keep responding to any engagement.

So there you have it, 5 Steps To Create Content That Provides Value And gets Visitors To Your Site. This strategy used regularly will help you get traffic to your site, engage your potential customers and build trust which is essential in making sales.

Do you like this article, if so please take the time to share it with others who may benefit from it. It’s all about helping out fellow business owners and creating success.

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