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Are You Missing Out On Customers Online

Turning Traffic Into Customers With A Sales SystemIs your business website capturing leads using a sales funnel?

The sales system of most successful online businesses looks something like the following:

  • Get visitors to their website
  • Provide valuable information
  • Ask them to sign up to a email list
  • Provide more valuable information
  • Make some sales

Sounds really simple doesn’t it, but I come across so many websites that do not have a system in place that it is just not funny.

You are leaving money on the table!

A sales system, or what is referred to as a sales funnel in marketing terms is a step-by-step process that allows you to take visitors from your website to an email series that uses contnet marketing to convert them to customers.

The story goes like this. You have a website that is full of great articles, great products and get’s lots of visitors as you promote it using social media, ads and word of mouth.

The Visitors Journey

A visitor, let’s call her Karen, lands on your site after clicking through one of your promotions.

Karen really likes your content and the way you write, but she is just not sure yet whether she trusts you enough to buy from you.

Karen looks around your site, and then seeing there is nothing else to do, clicks away to surf the net some more.

She may bookmark your site before leaving, or even follow your social media links, but let’s face it once Karen has left your site, the chances of her coming back are pretty slim.

Now let’s try it with a sales system in place

Karen comes to your site and starts looking around like she did before. There is lots of great articles that she relates to but she still isn’t sure about buying from you.

While she is moving through your site, she keeps seeing a call to action about giving her email address to receive even more great content from you, and a special freeby that she cannot get elsewhere.

Karen decides this is great and signs up to your sales system.

Over the coming weeks, your sales system sends Karen a series of emails, direct to her inbox. These emails provide Karen with great information that really helps her solve some problems she is having.

Then, after a while, she get’s an email that not only has a great tip in it, but a short promo on one of your products that would be ideal to help her more.

As she has been receiving so much great advice from you, and through providing her valuable information via email, you have built her trust, Karen decides she will give you her money in exchange for your product.

She has now become a customer and her journey doesn’t stop there as you can make more offers down the track through your sales system and she will be more likely to buy from you as you have developed a relationship with her.

Does this sound like the sort of system you want on your website?

It doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact it can be quite easy.

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