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Business Strategies For A Digital Age

10 Tips For More Website Visitors

What can you do to get your website seen by more people?

There is nothing mystical about getting people to visit your website, though some will try to tell you it is a black art that only they can do.

Following the tips below with enthusiasm and consistency will reward your efforts and help get the word out about your website both online and offline.… Continue reading

Your Website Traffic Quantity Versus Quality

You know that to be effective with your website, you have to get people to look at it. Without traffic the best website in the world cannot actually do what it was designed to do, increase your leads and customers.

However, there seems to be two different thoughts on the type of traffic you actually get on your website. On the one side there are… Continue reading

Does What You’re Doing Make You Money Or Save You Money?

In this age of so called “quick fix” solutions to creating leads and getting people to see what you offer through your business, it is easy to lose sight of the older “tried and true” business principles that should be the fundamentals of every business.

One of these principles is working out if what you are doing for your business, especially when starting something new,… Continue reading

4 Things We Need To Know Before Designing Your Website

Designing your website should be a quick and exciting experience, but all too often we find clients are not prepared with what we need to get the ball rolling. This can take it from an enjoyable experience to one filled with delays and frustration for you and us both. The design process is more than just “throwing something together” and involves working together with you… Continue reading

Education And Your Business Success

Education is a key to your success. I try to keep learning eveything that is relevant as part of my overall business strategy.

However, and this is very important, you need to have both a strategy for learning and a clear and relevant goal of what you will be learning.

In this world where information is available at the click of a mouse button, it’s… Continue reading

The Best System For Your Website

There is no doubt that the internet has changed as we know it today.The days of boring, stale, static content websites are over. Websites with blogs have become a source of fresh and interesting content for internet users across the world. The “blogosphere” is constantly evolving and changing thanks to this seemingly unending stream of interesting information published by regular people like you.

The great… Continue reading

Using Off-Line Marketing To Promote Your Website

Most Internet Marketers seem to think of website promotion as just submitting to search engines, directories, link building and advertising in ezines or banner exchanges.

It is a known fact that most people in the world use most of their time off-line. They read newspapers, magazines, listen to radio and watch TV, talk with their friends, neighbors and family. Not all the time is spent… Continue reading

How To Generate Legitimate Business Opportunity Leads

One of the most difficult tasks you will face as a business owner is generating legitimate business opportunity leads. It is certainly difficult generating any kinds of leads, but finding the ones that will benefit your business the most is the challenge at hand. So where do you start?

Before you begin generating your business opportunity leads, you have to do a few things.

First,… Continue reading

Could This Be The Key To Your Success?

Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.” – Dr. Joyce Brother.

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to attract success like a magnet? While others can’t catch a break no matter how hard they seem to try? Few places is this more prevalent than in the online business world.

With more… Continue reading

Why An Online Presence Is Essential For Your Business

For business owners, each quarter is an opportunity to reflect on and assess how their operations can be improved.

If you’re looking to help your business get a head start on your competitors, it’s worth noting just how vital a strong internet presence is for a successful modern business.

It will seem obvious to many of you reading this but to others, this is a… Continue reading


These are some of our client websites

DH Plumbing
A simple standard CMS system for a South Eastern Melbourne based plumbing business. All site content has been posted by the owner.
Goldfields Graphics
This "static" website was a refresh and clean up of an existing website the owner was not happy with. The site was recreated to be more user friendly and to compliment the clients branding across multiple businesses.
Key 2 Act
This was a conversion from a multi-page "static" site to a CMS system which allowed the client to do their own content updating. All the client colours and branding were maintained and the original site content was ported across into the same urls on the new site to keep search engine listings.