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Is GooglePlus The New Facebook

Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere you will have heard of GooglePlus, the “social network” created by Google a couple of years ago. Though it has not been as successful as some people would have you think, it is still growing and evolving on a daily basis. With the power of Google behind it, and a whole slew of marketing experts evangelising… Continue reading

Which Social Media Works For Your Business

Ahhh, social media, the one thing almost every business coach, internet guru and marketing expert say’s you MUST do in 2014 if you want your business to grow.

Ok, so I agree with this in most cases, Social is the certainly an important part of marketing and should be used as part of an overall business marketing strategy, but there are so many different… Continue reading

Is Facebook Still Relevant To Business Promotion

In 2014, Facebook starting making major changes in the way Page posts are seen on followers news-feeds. This was “apparently” in relation to the amount of stories the average Facebook user sees on their news feed at any given time.

First, a recap on Facebook Page evolution.

In 2007, Facebook introduced a feature called Facebook Pages. These were specifically designed for brands (companies,… Continue reading

Twitter For Your Business

Ahhh Twitter, one of the most under utilized social media portals out of them all. Why, because most people don’t really understand how to use it and believe it to be harder than it is. However, like other social media sites, Twitter can be very effective in helping to build your business when used effectively.

One thing people seem to struggle with when it comes… Continue reading

Likes Followers and Fans

Likes / Fans / Followers on Social Media. We all strive to get more people to like our pages as we are still in the mindset that this is a measurement of success. However, you can have thousands of page likers and still not have an effective page.

The key to your page being effective and getting your message out lies with fan engagement. There… Continue reading

Getting The Message Out From Your Facebook Page

Facebook pages are the business side of the Facebook network, designed primarily for business usage; they are also used for non-profits or other groups such as musical bands, theatre groups, schools or even geographical areas.

The most important aspect of a Facebook page for businesses is that people find your page and “like” it, becoming “Fans” of your business. This is useful because when they… Continue reading

The Basics of Facebook Likes

When you are browsing around on Facebook, you may see updates on your friends profile wall which are from business pages they have “liked”. This is the main reason that most page owners are always requesting that people like their page, so they can be seen on other peoples timeline.

Mostly, marketing is a numbers game, especially on Facebook when trying to get to people… Continue reading

Is Facebook Losing It’s Appeal For Businesses?

Facebook for business began positively with businesses able to create a page, talk to followers and reach anyone who was a fan. But along the journey to improving returns for investers it has lost a lot of it’s original shine….

Anyone who has analysed their Facebook insights can see that what was once a great way to connect to prospective customers is now a time… Continue reading

Facebook Cover Photo Rule For Text

Facebook has revised the company’s Facebook Pages Terms from December 17, 2012. 

There were two major revisions but we are just going to talk about the one to do with only being allowed to have 20% as your text overlay on page cover photos. The 20% rule for Timeline cover photo has left many page administrators with questions, so here we will… Continue reading

These are some of our client websites

DH Plumbing
A simple standard CMS system for a South Eastern Melbourne based plumbing business. All site content has been posted by the owner.
Goldfields Graphics
This "static" website was a refresh and clean up of an existing website the owner was not happy with. The site was recreated to be more user friendly and to compliment the clients branding across multiple businesses.
Key 2 Act
This was a conversion from a multi-page "static" site to a CMS system which allowed the client to do their own content updating. All the client colours and branding were maintained and the original site content was ported across into the same urls on the new site to keep search engine listings.