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4 Things We Need To Know Before Designing Your Website

Designing your website should be a quick and exciting experience, but all too often we find clients are not prepared with what we need to get the ball rolling. This can take it from an enjoyable experience to one filled with delays and frustration for you and us both. The design process is more than just “throwing something together” and involves working together with you… Continue reading

The Best System For Your Website

There is no doubt that the internet has changed as we know it today.The days of boring, stale, static content websites are over. Websites with blogs have become a source of fresh and interesting content for internet users across the world. The “blogosphere” is constantly evolving and changing thanks to this seemingly unending stream of interesting information published by regular people like you.

The great… Continue reading

What Your Website Needs To Have

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding what your website actually needs to have as opposed to what most web design companies will try to sell to you. Some of the more unscrupulous design companies will tell you that you need lots of “bling” to attract customers and keep them on your site, and will try to sell you products that you just… Continue reading

Content Creation

If you have a website, the best form of SEO is adding fresh, original and helpful content to it on a regular basis. Google and other Search Engines love sites that are constantly adding content that benefits the sites visitors, and will reward you for doing this.

But how do you constantly create the content needed to do this?

I find the best way is… Continue reading

Essential Tips On How To Become An SEO Expert

You don’t need to hire sometime to do any search engine optimization (SEO) work for you. This article outlines the essential tips that you can use so that you can become an SEO expert and quickly increase your website ranking on search engines.

If you want your website to constantly maintain a high ranking on search engines, then you must read this article.

Adding fresh… Continue reading

These are some of our client websites

DH Plumbing
A simple standard CMS system for a South Eastern Melbourne based plumbing business. All site content has been posted by the owner.
Goldfields Graphics
This "static" website was a refresh and clean up of an existing website the owner was not happy with. The site was recreated to be more user friendly and to compliment the clients branding across multiple businesses.
Key 2 Act
This was a conversion from a multi-page "static" site to a CMS system which allowed the client to do their own content updating. All the client colours and branding were maintained and the original site content was ported across into the same urls on the new site to keep search engine listings.