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Content Creation

If you have a website, the best form of SEO is adding fresh, original and helpful content to it on a regular basis. Google and other Search Engines love sites that are constantly adding content that benefits the sites visitors, and will reward you for doing this.

I.C. Enterrprises - Content CreationBut how do you constantly create the content needed to do this?

I find the best way is to create a list of subjects that your visitors will want to read about that relate to what your website is about. For instance, if you have a website about your Aroma Therapy business, the list could contain subjects such as: How to blend oils, what oils to use for what purpose, where the oils come from, the history of aroma therapy…. and so on.

You should then set aside a block of time through the day (I suggest doing this early in the morning) and create at least one article using one of the subjects in your list. Once you have been doing this for a while you will find that it becomes easier and you may be able to do more than one article a day, keep the extra ones in a folder on your computer so you have a supply for when other things crop up that prevent you from writting for a day or two.

This technique for creating content works for me, and that is how I produce articles and posts for my websites and for Social Media and marketing. Try it and see if it helps you with the creation of your content.

Have any other suggestions? Please use the comments section below to share with us 🙂

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