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Do You Have An Ideal Client

I have been working in the web design field for a long time (my first design was way back in the ’90s) and have seen a variety of different customer types come through my business. From the “I don’t know what I want, just make something” clients through to the “I want this, I want it NOW, I will send you what you need when I get around to it” people.

This causes a lot of headaches in my business as when things are unstructured, it is really hard to plan your time to produce what is needed. So lately I have been going through a bit of a process to help define my ideal client, you know, the one you love working with because they help you with what they need and provide everything when you need it, including payment for your services.

So, to do this my first step was working out what I did in my business and therefore what I need from my clients. First and foremost, I must say that as a web designer I am actually a lot more than someone who creates a design and puts it on the internet. My business is about helping people get their business online effectively and then achieving success in promoting it wherever possible.

This involves tasks which include branding, content management, social media and online marketing.

What I worked out from this is that my ideal client has the following characteristics.

  • He/she is a small business owner or community provider
  • Is aware that getting their message out online involves more than just a pretty website
  • Is committed to doing everything it takes, including spending their own time online
  • Is always looking to be more creative with what they are doing.
  • Is open minded
  • Knows that success takes time and effort

With this in mind I will be using my time to try and help this type of person, the one who is committed to getting the most out of online marketing and will put the time and effort into getting sensational results in everything they do.

How about you? Have you worked out what your ideal customer is like? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

I.C. Enterprises provides more than just web design, we help small business expand their online marketing to achieve success. If this sounds like what you want for your business, contact us to find out more on how we can help you.

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