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Education And Your Business Success

EducationEducation is a key to your success. I try to keep learning eveything that is relevant as part of my overall business strategy.

However, and this is very important, you need to have both a strategy for learning and a clear and relevant goal of what you will be learning.

In this world where information is available at the click of a mouse button, it’s imperative that you focus on only those resources that will improve your business and help you reach your goals.

It is quite easy to get into a pathway of education that becomes almost addictive and stops your progress as you develop information overload.

My tips to help with this include:
– clearly define what you need to learn
– research the most reputable sources of information about the subject
– set a time limit for your study
– implement things as you learn them
– don’t get caught up in chasing “new” information

Leaning is important, but avoiding overload paralysis is more important.

If you find yourself doing more learning than action, then it is time to reassess your educational strategies.

18 Responses to Education And Your Business Success

  • Thanks for the reminder. When I first started learning about social media marketing, I signed up for every free webinar, bought programs, etc. I still find myself doing this and just recently said, STOP. You will not implement that because you are not on that platform, so don’t spend 1 hour watching, taking notes, etc. An example is: I wont be creating podcasts or videos – not now- so why get into it. It will be there when I’m ready.
    The line ‘you need to have both a strategy for learning and a clear and relevant goal of what you will be learning’ is most relevant.

    • Thanks Roslyn, glad you found this helpful. It is easy to get caught up in the learning cycle, but you really should have a clear idea of what you need to learn and then use what you have learned to improve your business.

  • These are great tips, Ian! I am a strong advocate of life-long learning but you are definitely right about it needing to be strategic. Bootstrapping entrepreneurs who are already limited in time, money, and resources must focus on activities that will bring them the biggest return on investment. I personally seek non-traditional educational opportunities that will increase my skills and expertise. For instance, when I first entered into the world of coaching, I didn’t go the traditional route of immediately seeking out a coaching school or certification. Instead, I found a local nonprofit organization that trained and certified mediators. Mediation requires skill in active listening, identifying moods and emotions, and probing interview questions. These are all primary skills required by coaches so by attending this low-cost program, I was not only able to build my coaching skills but also added an additional income stream.

    • Thanks for commenting Niquenya and for sharing your story on how you avoided the traditional education pathway and found a (better) alternative.

  • Hi Ian,
    Great tips! I am a huge believer in self education. However, we can read thousands of books and attend thousands of seminars but if there is no action all of this knowledge becomes knowledge on ice!

    • Absolutely Sharise, all to often we learn without a plan and end up either being overwhelmed or not taking any action. A strategy is a must have in your learning plan, and if you cannot come up with one then it should be the first thing you educate yourself on. πŸ™‚

  • Oh, yes, avoiding the dreaded analysis paralysis. I’ve been there – education is wonderful and it’s easy to follow those shiny objects down the rabbit hole of perfection. I keep reading, and also keep mindful of the fact that there is infinite information available. Doing is better than perfect. Thanks for tips and reminders.

    • Perfection is over rated Deb, though I think we all suffer from it at times. Learning is great, but chasing the elusive “now I know everything” feeling is a pathway that leads to overwhelm and inaction. Thanks for your comment. πŸ™‚

  • Love your line “Learning is important, but avoiding overload paralysis is more important.” So true. We are bombarded 24/7 with so many possibilities that some days it feels like too much. Actually most days. πŸ™‚ I have developed a way of trusting what is coming towards me and following my intuition on what to say yes to. It works wonderfully for me, as sometimes things I heard or saw months ago become relevant in the moment. I have the ability to draw on things that entered my consciousness sphere in another place at another time. Being online so much does require focus when choosing what you want to learn and explore. I find I have so many interests and somehow they all are tied together, that there are days when I need to step back and take a break from everything and let some new impulses in. Everyone has their own way of processing information and I have personally always found learning to be fun. Thanks for the reminder, Ian, on streamlining and focusing in a world where almost everything is available to learn.

    • As a techie person, I love the internet for all it provides Beverley, but I also sometimes equate it to going down a rabbit hole. There is so much information out there, and the ability to access and learn about so many things, that it can be quite easy to waste entire days following educational pathways that interest you. Having a strategy, and a lot of self discipline, is the only way I changed my process from eternally learning to actually doing something with my knowledge. πŸ™‚

  • Hi Ian,
    Indeed, you make an excellent point, and one that hits home, big time. I have been a “victim” of this habit of amassing loads of information, that I can literally write books about the online business world now, and I do. But it is true that had I started acting in a focus way in my business, years ago, my situation would be different right now. Taking action based on a strategic business plan is key!

    • Hi Renee, I too fell into the acumulation of information trap earlier in my career, and it has taken determination to change that into a “just do it” attitude instead. I am definately changing to a strategic way of education now to help me move forward and reach my goals. Thanks for the comment. πŸ™‚

  • Hey Ian,
    What a great reminder! I often find myself surfing for hours soaking up all the information I can. But after a while, I become overwhelmed and totally off the original focus. The pursuit of knowledge is great, but without focus it can have a detrimental effect on your goals.

  • Hi Ian, I experienced information overload and it’s not good at all…. I like your advice “set a time limit for your study” and “implement things as you learn them” because we are always busy and we won’t have time for study unless we set a time for it. Also if you learn something, you want to implement it otherwise you won’t get benefits of learning. Everything is so true and good reminder! Thank you Ian

    • Agreed Kaz, time is a great excuse for not getting things done, however we need to invest it wisely to pursue the knowledge we need for success and put what we learn to use.

  • Hello Ian,
    Great post! Yes it is so very important to get educated but also as important to implement what you learn as well πŸ™‚

    Love your site! New fan here πŸ™‚ Enjoyed your post thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Joan, so glad you like my site. I love helping others so am always happy to have a new fan. πŸ™‚

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