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Getting Your Website Working Better For Your Business

I.C. Enterprises - Web DesignGetting your website working better for your business is one of the key areas you should be looking at with your marketing efforts. If you have a website, you must think of it as a 24/7 advertising tool and keep it fresh and updated with relevant content which helps both your customers and search engine ranking.

Most people who get a website created for their business seem to believe that once it is online, that is the end of it. It will attract people by itself and all of a sudden you will have heaps more customers.

However, this is not true.

If you want people to visit your website and become customers and work on getting your website working better for your business, there are a lot of things that you really should be looking to do.

In this series I will be providing tips, tricks and solid information on getting your website working better for your business and using your website as the marketing tool it is meant to be. I will be providing new articles on a regular basis and will also answer questions and give examples along the way.

We are starting off with a little information on effectively writing the content for your websites front page.

The front page of your website

At the very least your websites front page should be targeted to your “ideal customer”. What is an ideal customer? One whom has a problem or need that your business can fix for them. For example, if your business is for providing massage, one of your ideal customer types would possible be someone who is stressed either physically or mentally and needs a way to relax and de-stress themselves. This person will have both a problem (tight sore muscles) and a need (something to relieve the discomfort).

So with your front page, you would concentrate on writing in a style which helps this customer to feel you empathise with their problem and that you can help alleviate it. You do this by using a formula which has been around since advertising began.

Your page content should be thought of as follows:

  • Here’s what I have got
  • Here’s what it can do for you
  • Here’s what you (the visitor) do next

If you follow this when writing your content you will be appealing to the customer’s problem and needs whilst providing a solution rather than just trying to sell her on a product or service.

Effective Content Rules

When writing the content for your front page, there are a number of “rules” that will increase your website’s effectiveness: Keep the content in small chunks to make it easier to read. Don’t be too technical with your information; sometimes less is more when it comes to details. Concentrate on the benefits to the visitor, not just on the features of your product or service.

Speak to the visitor as an individual, try to use “you” and “your” when talking about your product or services benefits. Don’t be a “me” promoter; the visitor doesn’t really care about what YOU have done as much as how you can help THEM. Use bullet points if needed, list are a great way to summarise parts of your content and are easier to read than a text block. Try to use sub-headings to further break up the text and to help people who are skimming your page.

These points can help you with getting your website working better for your business, combined with the other tips and tricks I will be sharing over the coming weeks, they should help you to create a website that is targetted and effective for your business..

Please feel free to share the link to this article with people you know that may find it helpful.

Please comment below if you have any further thoughts or tips regarding this subject  and don’t forget that Sharing is Caring 🙂

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