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Marketing Your Business with Articles – 12 Tips to make it Easier

Imagine being able to reach hundreds maybe even thousands of people all looking for your product or service. Then getting them all revved up and eager to get their hands on it! 

That is exactly what marketing with articles can do for your business.  

Writing and submitting articles can be one of the fastest most effective ways to get traffic to your website. There are tremendous benefits to writing articles. Especially for your online marketing campaign. 

In this article we will go over twelve tips that will guide you through choosing a topic, relating it to your business and then writing the right content to make everyone that reads your article want to run straight to your order page.  


1 – Don’t Get Overwhelmed and Give Up Before you Start 

The thought of writing an article can be overwhelming sometimes. It’s hard to look at a blank page and figure out how to fill it up.  

The trick is to write an outline that will break the article down into small chunks. It will make it much easier to write. 

Once you have decided on a topic think of three or four questions that your reader may ask and then answer them. 

Approaching your article writing in this way will make the process much easier for you. 


2 – Choosing a Topic – Find a Problem and Fix It 

This is a great way to choose a topic for your article.  

Identify a problem that the people in your target audience have and then tell them how they can fix it. People are always looking for answers and they like to read information that will provide easy solutions to their problems.  

This is one of the most effective ways decide on the perfect topic and to write an interesting article that will attract prospects that are looking for your product or service. 


3 – Relate Your Solution to Your Business 

When you begin writing try to give your readers a solution that is somehow related to your business. Explain to them why and how your business is the perfect answer to all of their problems.  

Weave answers to their questions throughout the article and show them not only how you can help fix their problem but how you can help them avoid them in the future. 

This is a great way to incorporate links within the text of your article rather than just having them in resource box at the bottom. 


4 – Take Time Choosing the Perfect Title 

The perfect title can make the difference between your article being read and published by newsletter owners or sitting around collecting dust doing nothing to help your business.  

Your title should grab the attention of the reader and make them want to want to know more about the subject in your article. Remember you only have approximately three seconds to get your readers to take interest in what you have to say, so make sure your title grabs them and make them want more.

Hint: Write more than one title and test them by submitting your article to more than one directory to see which title is more effective.


5 – The Opening Paragraph Should Say it All 

Your opening paragraph should not only introduce the reader to the topic, but also give them a good reason to keep on reading.  

Let the reader know how you are going to help them. Give them hints to the answers that they will find if they keep reading. People are busy that need good reasons to stay interested.  

Think of you opening paragraph as a brief outline or better yet as a ten second commercial for the rest of the article. Remember, grab their attention and keep them interested. 


6 – Get to the Root of the Problem 

Find a way that your product or service can help the reader fix their problem.  

Make sure they know that you can get to the root of their problem and help them fix it. Explain in detail exactly what you can do for them. Leave nothing to the  imagination except how great it will be to have all of their questions answered and their problems solved.  


7 – Use Examples to Make Your Point 

People like real world examples. Give your readers examples of how the solution that you provide will benefit them.  

Point out all of the benefits that using your product or service can provide them with. Emphasize the effect that it could have on  their life or in their business.  

Weave the examples throughout your article in a way the points out the positive and alleviates the negative without making it seem like a sales pitch. 


8 – Reassure your Reader 

Let them know that if they follow your advice they can not only solve their problem but they can also avoid the possibility of it ever happening again in the future.  

Use your own experiences and the experiences of your customers to reassure them that the solution that you provide worked out well for all of you and it will work for them too.  

Hold their hand and walk them to the checkout.


9 – Establish Your Credibility  

Establishing your credibility with the reader is a very important factor when writing your article.  

Tell them why they should listen to you. Have you had this problem and if so how did it affect you and your business? When you solved the problem, what benefits did it bring you and how did it make things better? Do you have a certain area of expertise that makes you a credible source of information on the topic. 

Prove to your readers that they can believe what you say.


10 – Close with a Bang 

Now you almost have it all. You have the title that grabs their attention. The opening that entices them to keep reading, the answers to their questions. The examples to make your point and the credibility to back it all up. Now all you need to do is close with a bang.  

You want you closing paragraph to make it impossible for your reader not to want to find out more about your product or service. This is where you offer them even more information. You can offer them a free sample, a free trial a free gift.  

This is your last chance to get them to click on the link that takes them where you want them to go. So make it impossible for them not to click! 


11 – The Almighty Resource Box 

This is the whole reason we write and submit articles. So that we can include a resource box.  

Yes it’s great to provide quality helpful information to the world, but it’s also great if we can make a profit doing it.  

Think of your resource box as a window to the world. When they look in it makes them want to find out more. Don’t just put links to your site. Let the reader know what your about and what you can do for them.  

Give them a great reason why they should go to your site. 


12 – Finishing Up  

Now that you have finished writing your article make sure that you proof read it a few times, even set it aside for a day or two and then read it again to make sure that you have covered everything that you wanted to convey.  

Have friends or family take a look and see what they think before you start submitting it. Make sure you check your links. Make sure that you deliver what you promised your readers they would find if the click through to your site. 

Congratulations you’re done.

How does it feel to know that you have written an article that is helpful, informative and most of all going to provide your business with unlimited amounts of free visitors that will be jumping through hoops to get their hands on your product or service?

For more information on services we provide to help you increase your online presence and success, please contact us today.

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