Australia only payment options:

Base Payment Option

  • 35% deposit
  • Balance when site goes live

Payment Plan 1

  • 35% deposit
  • Balance split over 6 equal monthly payments*

Payment Plan 2

  • 30% deposit
  • Balance split over 12 months*

Acceptance of these payment options forms a legally binding agreement. Late payments may affect your project completion time. Consistent late payments may result in payment plan being removed and all monies becoming payable immediately.

Payment can be made via Direct Bank Deposit, details provided in quote and invoices.

* Must be set up through direct bank transfer to clear by due date.

Hosting payments are due in advance. They can be calculated within the payment plan but the first month must be incorporated into the 35% deposit. (If Applicable)

Invoices will be created for initial deposit and will state the terms of payment and scheduled payment dates.Unless specifically requested, statements of accounts will not be issued.

At completion of payment plan, hosting will still be due in advance as per agreement. You will receive notification of amount and due dates.

Worldwide Payment Options:

Payment for countries other than Australia can be made through
PayPal. PayPal is a secure payment processing company that is rated as
the #1 online payment system available. Payment plans above are available to other countries upon request. A PayPal subscription must be set up to make payments at determined intervals.



PayPal, the safest online payment system.