Client Websites

Websites designed for I.C. Enterprises clients.

DH Plumbing
A simple standard CMS system for a South Eastern Melbourne based plumbing business. All site content has been posted by the owner.
Goldfields Graphics
This "static" website was a refresh and clean up of an existing website the owner was not happy with. The site was recreated to be more user friendly and to compliment the clients branding across multiple businesses.
Key 2 Act
This was a conversion from a multi-page "static" site to a CMS system which allowed the client to do their own content updating. All the client colours and branding were maintained and the original site content was ported across into the same urls on the new site to keep search engine listings.
Mildura Rubber Stamps & Engraving Services
The Mildura Rubber Stamps & Engraving Services website is a "static" site designed with the same colours and styles as the owners other business website (Goldfield Graphics). The aim was to continue the branding across the owners multiple businesses.
Pam Nelson - Marriage Celebrant
This site required a design which used the owners colours in a visually appealing but functional way. The site was redesigned and converted from a static website to a content management based website..
Sullivans Run
Customised CMS system designed for article content and easy navigation. All content owner posted.
Susan Taylor
The client required a visually appealing CMS system with their own colour scheme. The site also uses a basic Ecommerce system to allow the sale of physical items the client produces.
The Chalker/Charker Society of Australia
The client required a simple CMS website that could have content added to when required. The sites colours and design were taken from supplied images and are meant to represent the "old world" images used within the site.

Previous Designs

Designs for previous clients who are no longer using our services.

The client wanted this site to stand out and "pop", so it was designed using a bright, vibrant colour scheme and cusom designed images. The site was created as a multi-page "static" site.
This website was a redesign in progress but based on a CMS platform. The plan was to give the website a makeover that would add a new look and better functionality to it.
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