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Using A Sales System To Convert Website Visitors To Customers

Sales SystemI often talk about sales systems and why people should have one set up online for their business, but still there seems to be some confusion or doubt as to why it is an essential part of your online marketing. In this post I will explain what a sales system is, and how it works to convert your website visitors into customers.

What Is A Sales System?

 In laymans terms, a sales system is a combination of processes and “steps” that are put in place to funnel new prospects through a system that nurtures your relationship with them by offering value and help, builds trust in your business and makes them more receptive to becoming a customer.

How Does It Work?

The most common online sales system works by giving visitors something of value, such as:

  • An eBook that’s explains how to do something
  • A White paper with information
  • An audio recording that explains something of interest
  • A webinar that provides training
  • An email series that teaches

in return for their email address so you can communicate with them directly.

The persons email address then goes into an “auto-responder” which allows you to send them valuable information and tips via email on a pre-set schedule. This encourages trust and can help the recipient to see you as an expert in your field.

After a while, you can then start sending your email subscribers some offers that will help them further with their needs. As they are used to seeing your emails, and you have built a relationship with them, they are much more likely to become a paying customer than if they just saw your product on your website.

 Why Do I need A Sales System?

It has been shown through both studies and in real life that the more times you talk to people, the more likely they are to purchase from you. Building trust and providing high quality information and help for free actually warms up your subscribers for the sale. Once they know a bit about you, and see that what you have provided so far is high quality and highly valuable to them, then they will consider your “paid” products much more favourably.

For instance, if you stumbled across a website selling a $500.00 product that promised to make your life easier, the chances of you buying it straight away would be quite slim. However, if you signed up for a free product that was high quality and value, then received a series of emails that freely helped you with some related problems and let you know more about the person behind the business, you would be more likely to consider purchasing from them.

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that having a sales system set up for your online marketing can help increase sales for your business. The principles behind it are techniques that have worked for many years, even before the internet and online connection that we take for granted these days. To fully maximise your business promotion online you need to have a system in place that allows you to communicate effectively with people to convert them into customers.

Need more information on getting your sales system set up and running, get in touch today. We can help.

7 Responses to Using A Sales System To Convert Website Visitors To Customers

  • I’m curious Ian, do you know of other systems than using an e-mail list? People seem to be more and more unwilling to hand out there e-mail address, or one they actually use.

    • I do indeed Angela, but email is still the prefered way as it qualifies leads. If someone won’t give you their email address theres a good chance they wont buy from you either.
      ~Ian 🙂

  • That’s correct I think 😉 But the hard selling e-mail list types totally blow my trust, so they don’t sell to me either.

    • Hard sell is old school Angela, you will notice in my post I say to be helpful and provide value. There has been a movement towards better email marketing for some time and it does not involve hard selling techniques. ~Ian 🙂

  • I like everything you have said in the blog and between you and commenter Angela above. I know that I have made purchases from people because I was in contact via FB and Google with them. It only makes sense you would go to people you know first.

    • Yes indeed Rochelle, Facebook and other social media can certainly help build the relationship, but as they are all places you have no control over it is preferable to have your own sales system as part of your overall strategy. ~Ian

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