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What Is A Blog

ff6fd7d2-9ed2-4720-af11-f68c718affa2The other day I was asked by one of my Facebook friends “What is a blog?”. I thought it was quite interesting that even people living in this age of technology, where we take so much for granted, still are unaware of things we in the industry just presume everyone knows. It is our own fault for being so caught up in what we do, but really there is no excuse. So, for all of those that are not sure what a blog is, here goes….

From Dictionary.com – Blog: A Web site containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites. Shortened from the term “Weblog”.

A blog is basically a ongoing journal that is displayed in reverse chronological order. It can be used for sharing personal achievements, business news, club events and member information, or almost anything which has an ongoing theme. It is a type of website that is usually updated often with the content arranged in “last post” order, ie the last post written is the first post seen. They can be text only, text and images, text, images and videos, or a new trend is just having video on the blog.

The best blogs are those written for specific topics, in a style that connects with people who are interested in the subject. So if you had a blog on technology, it would be reasonable to expect your writing to have some technical terminology in it, however a blog about face painting would need to have a totally different tone to the posts, and be upbeat and “happy” to appeal to the audience.

Why would your business benefit from a blog?

Well, first off you would be able to engage your customers both old and new with what your business is doing. Product launches, new services and staff updates are all good topics for a business blog. You would also be able to offer tips, tricks and general advice on using and maintaining your products and services, providing relevant content based on what you do or sell is a great use of a blog.

Blogs are also great for getting your website noticed by the search engines as they allow you to add new information to your website quickly and easily, and the search engines love new content. Using keyword based posts (Keywords are specific words related to your product or service) can help with your site being seen in any consumer searches for those words. The more targeted you can make your post, the better the search engines will see it.

If you establish a schedule of regular posting on your blog with great content, you will get more repeat visitors as they will be wanting to see what you have posted. This means more visits to your site and can also mean recommendations to others by your regular readers.

So, my recommendation is always to get a website created that has a blog facility on it, and use it to regularly update your site with relevant information and content that will encourage visitors to keep coming back for more.

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20 Responses to What Is A Blog

  • Excellent information for any reader who is sitting on the fence about adding a blog to their website, Ian. I also use my blog for the purposes of strengthening the ‘Know Like Trust’ factor and often refer new connections or people who have written to me with an inquiry to also visit my blog and check the content for useful resources. A good way to get them on my list and demonstrate my authority in my subject matter. I must admit, whenever I look at my own posts for the purpose of cleaning up my website, I amaze myself with how much I have written and how much can be repurposed to get my message out to a new crowd that may prefer other mediums of communication to text.

    • I agree Vatsala, your blog can certainly add to the “know, like, trust” factor if you write in your own voice. I do see some blogs that are only using other peoples content with a few of their own lines to introduce it. I think this defeats the purpose of blogging myself, but can see how it can be used to increase engagement. Re-purposing is a great way to get your information out there in other formats. Thanks for your comment. Cheers, Ian.

  • Hi Ian,

    Excellent post, my friend! It is amazing that some do not realize what a blog is, let alone the potential marketing opportunities that a blog can open. With Google favoring fresh and unique content, a blog is the perfect way to facilitate this. Two of the comments I hear often when I suggest blogging to a client is, “What do I blog about?” and “I don’t have time to blog.” I’m sure you have heard many along the same lines as well.

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Have a fantastic week ahead!

    • Hi Robin,

      Thank you so much, I have missed your commenting on my posts and am glad we have reconnected. I have heard all the excuses about blogging, and those are 2 that just keep coming up againg and again. The benefits far outweigh the amount of time and effort involved. Heck, even one post a fortnight can make a difference to your search results!

      Thank you for your comment. Cheers, Ian 🙂

  • Great explanation. When I was first told to start writing a blog I couldn’t understand how it related to my website, but that was because I was only thinking of ‘lifestyle’ or personal blogging. So glad to read how you describe the variety of blogs and uses. For us, the most important was to connect our blog to our website. Over time we seem to hit on a theme of introducing our products through history and weaving thru story telling.

    • It is interesting how many people also think that blogging is more of a lifestyle or personal pursuit Roslyn. I try to encourage all of my own clients to blog on their websites, I even show them statistics that irrefutably confirm blogging can make a difference to website traffic and search results. I think your way of introducing your products shows just how adaptable blogging can be, for any business. Thanks for the comment. Cheers, Ian

  • It was interesting to read the “official” definition of a blog, Ian, a “writer’s own experiences, observations, opinions”, as although I didn’t know that, I really see how it fits with what I do in my posts. And yes, it is interesting to hear that some people are still not familiar with what a blog is, especially for those of us writers who have been utilizing the online space to write (blog) for some years. In reflecting on it more, it seems that the original way of blogging has been adopted by businesses to share information about their goods and services. My sense has always been that a blog is more personal and it’s great to see the definition expand out more in to the world and take on new uses and meanings. Thanks for sharing this post, as it offered me some new food for thought and also affirmed that maybe with what I write, I have been “blogging” all along.

    • Blogs are very useful in all types of businesses Beverley. The fact that the definition says that a blog is a writers own experiences, observations and opinions is daunting to some people, but if you write your blog posts using this as a starting point, you will build trust in your audience over time which will help you succeed in the longer term. It is interesting that as a writer you have been “blogging” all along, I think writers have made blogging more popular over the last few years. Thank you for commenting. Cheers, Ian.

  • It has taken our group some time to understand that a blog would be beneficial. We tried again this summer but failed. Thank you for this!

    • Hey Lori Ann, in your field a blog would be an excellent addition to your website to help get the word out about your productions. You could use it to provide behind the scenes stories, information regarding the actual events and individual cast members history and bios. It all helps to get more people into the seats in the long run. Thanks for your comment and I hope you can get one up and running soon. Cheers, Ian

  • A blog is so many things to each of us and our businesses. Love your reference that a blog should keep people coming back for more – underscores the importance of consistency: topic, timing, etc. Thanks for another great post, Ian!

    • Hi Deb, indeed it is a different thing to each of us. For some it is a chance to show the world what their life and thoughts are, others use it more as a business tool. Either way, getting people to come and read it is the overall object and to do it well is an excellent way to achieve more exposure. Thank you for your comment. Cheers, Ian

  • Great point! I wasn’t familiar with blogging but now I’ve started it, I quite like it! and helps my business. We just sometimes need to start in order to like it! Thanks for sharing Ian!

    • Most definitely Kaz, so many people do not get started as they cannot see the value. Content creation (blogging) is now considered one of the fundamental parts of advertising your business, building trust and creating a good search engine result. Glad you are enjoying your blogging journey. Thanks for commenting. Cheers, Ian

  • Ian, I loved this post. I did not know the official definition of blog was writing from one’s “own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites,” though that is exactly what is on mine. I also like your claim that it should be written in a way that readers want to return; that might make me think more about my audience in the future (or not, I tend to write anyway, but it is still a great point). Thank you for sharing, and for pointing out that it can be utilized in all businesses. 🙂

    • Hi Liz, so glad you liked this post so much. Many people do not realise how well blogging can be used for all types of business if it is part of an overall content marketing system. Thanks for your comment. Cheers, Ian

  • Hi Ian,
    What an informative post on what a blog is 🙂 I know how important having a blog is for creating content and sharing it so people can see the value and implement 🙂 A blog is a central hub of who you are as a brand, and by having a daily consistent routine, you are assured that your valuable content gets seen, read, shared, and commented on 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!!

    • Hi Joan, yes I agree with you that people can see value from what you create for your blog. It is a fundamental part of the like/trust process. If you have the time to blog daily, then that is the ultimate way to do this, but even putting out a quality post every week will help build your authority and brand. Thank you for your comment. Cheers, Ian

  • Hi Ian,
    Another awesome post! Your explanations are ones I also use in my blogging classes – I am glad I’m not the only one who thinks of it as being something of a journal for businessowners. Great advice – and I thank you so much for the help and guidance you’ve given me on my blog!

    I do see I need to be adding calls to action – and I’ll be setting up those landing pages so I can convert my visitors into my program offerings. Thank you, friend.

    • Hi Tamara,
      It is my pleasure to be able to help you, and your students, with guidance. Calls to action are definitely needed if you want people to take the next step so you should add them wherever you can without disrupting the flow of your message. Thank you for your comment, much appreciated as always. Cheers, Ian

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