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What Your Website Needs To Have

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding what your website actually needs to have as opposed to what most web design companies will try to sell to you. Some of the more unscrupulous design companies will tell you that you need lots of “bling” to attract customers and keep them on your site, and will try to sell you products that you just don’t need.

The truth is that clean website design is making a comeback, and not before time. A professional design with lots of white space and a clear navigation system will do more for your business than a site full of the latest shiny objects that do nothing to guide your visitor to a sale.

Much like having a brochure for your business, the key to success is to have a simple but complete guide to your products and services and a way for people to contact you. so your website should have at least the following:
An enticing, spacious home page.
A clear navigation system where people expect it to be.
A page for your products and services (or an area on your homepage for them).
A contact page with Address, Phone and an email form.

This can be achieved readily and affordably for any business, including ones just starting out.

So don’t get sucked into purchasing website packages that promise you a glitzy, over the top site. Take the time to research what is working for others in similar businesses, what is popular and what will work for your business colour scheme.

The old rule of keeping things simple still applies when creating anything for marketing your business.

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