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Why Change Can Be Good

Why Change Can Be GoodChange is something that can cause fear to even the most seasoned of life travelers, many think that change is not a positive thing and do not like the disruption to their regular routine. However, change can be a positive if you look at it the right way.

It is easy to become stagnant, to fall into a rut of doing the same thing over and over with your business without looking to see where you can improve processes and change systems to both grow your business and to challenge yourself along the way.

I like to break the word change down into the following:

C: Challenge
H: Hatch
A: Analyse
N: Negate
G: Growth
E: Explore

This helps me to fear it less and look at it as something that will improve my business and myself.

Let’s look at what the breakdown gives us.


Your original ideas, don’t think what you thought of at the beginning will still be relevant now. Things change over time and your business needs to be adaptable to this. Just because something worked when you first started your business dos not mean it will still work 6, 12 or 24 months down the track. Constantly watch your statistics and you can then see if there are areas of your business that needs a change. Vigilance is a necessity in pinpointing where your current systems and processes are letting you down, what requires improvement and areas that just need to be started over all together. Without being able to see this, you may not find any issues with your business before it is too late to rectify them.


A new plan, one that encompasses where your business is now. There is always room for improvement in any system, find yours and create a new plan to address it. Think outside the box and consider making a new plan, or at least updating your original one fairly often. Things change quickly in business and if you do not change with it you can be left behind. Planning is a great way to focus your efforts on improving your business as you expand, but you need to be flexible with it and adjust your plan to succeed.

Analyse everything, without getting too obsessed by it.

If you make a change then you should be checking to make sure it has been a positive one. If you do not keep your eye on how your systems and processes are working, the positives and negatives of each, then you may be wasting time and resources on things that are not actually helping you to get where you want to be. Keep your eye on the smaller parts of your business model whilst remembering to watch the overall objectives and change things when you need to.

Negate all that you hold as emotional when it comes to your online presence.

Unfortunately, it is not about you, but about your visitor. Building a business based on what you want is all very well and good, but first and foremost your business must appeal to your potential customers. Don’t get caught up in an ego driven “It MUST be done this way because I like it” mentality, but rather use research and analytic s to guide your business to be customer focused instead..

Growth is always a good thing, so long as your business has an expansion strategy.

The more successful you become in growing your business, the more you need to watch and change your processes to keep up with the additional demands. Make sure you grow slowly and surely to keep up with any new orders you get.

Explore opportunities both online and off-line.

We can get caught up in doing everything online and completely miss opportunities in the off-line marketing area. Don’t be afraid to change up your marketing to include printed flyers and letter box distribution. Getting your business in front of the right people may not be as effective as you think online. Unless you change your strategy you may miss your ideal customers altogether. Don’t be afraid to try things that you may not have thought of in the past, you never know where your big break will come from.

Change doesn’t have to be negative, and sometimes it is just what we need in our business to move things upwards.

What are your thoughts on change in a business sense? Have you made any changes that have helped your business to grow? Please let us know in the comments.

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