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Why Using Tags with WordPress Posts is Important

Use tags on your WordPress posts to increase seo

WordPress blogs allow you to add tags to your posts before you publish them. This can be really good for search engine results both on the post and for your website in general.

So, what is a tag?

A tag is a single word, small group of words or short phrase that can be used to describe your posts content. They do not need to be elaborate, but they do need to be targeted. The more relevant to your post they are, the better they will be used by the search engines to help your content get found. The best way to use tags is to consider what the keywords are for your content, and use these as tags either individually or as a short phrase.

Also, consider what anyone searching for your content would put into a search engine. Most people who are looking for information will not just search for one word, but rather will search for a phrase which is relevant to the problem or question they are looking up the answer to.

With WordPress, you have the ability to create posts, sequential blog type content that you use like a “news” area or to put relevant articles on your site to help visitors understand what you or your business are about. Within the posting area, there is a section where you can add relevant tags to your posts. I see a lot of sites where the authors do not use this function but it is an extremely important one to help with Search Engine Optimisation.

How do you add tags on a WordPress post?

Tags are really easy to add to a post. On the right hand side of the post editing window, there is a section that allows the adding of tags to the post. These can be new tags, or if you click the link that says “Choose from the most used tags”, you can select from tags that you have used before.


  • Use tags on every post you create
  • Make the tags relevant to the content
  • Use a combination of short and long words and phrases
  • Try to think like someone who is searching for your content would when creating them
  • Use suburb, town or location orientated tags where you can

The benefits of using tags in your WordPress posts cannot be underestimated. They are quick and simple to do, and if used on all your content they will help you achieve higher results in the search engines.

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11 Responses to Why Using Tags with WordPress Posts is Important

  • This is very good info. I did not used to put the tags on my pages, only my posts. Now I do.

  • Very interesting article, Ian. What are your thoughts on duplicate content and the use of tags when it comes to Google? There has been some discussion on this and I would love to hear your thoughts.

    • Hi Robin, duplicate content, from my understanding, is not seen favourably by Google but can be gotten around by putting something original into it, either an intro or similar to change the way the content reads for Search Engines. In regards to tags, meta tags and descriptions are not used anymore by the Google algorithm, but post tags still seem to be picked up as I find quite a few of my search traffic results are linked to the tags I used on my posts. What are your thoughts on tags Robin? Do you encourage your clients to use them in their posts?

  • I know there are several thoughts on using tags, especially on FaceBook. I try to use #QuickBooks or #bookkeeping every time I post! Great article. Never thought of using them in my blog too!

    • Hashtags on Facebook are relatively new and as yet there does not seem to be a definitive answer on whether they will help with SEO or not. I generally only use them sparingly on Social Media as I think it detracts from the readability of my messages. Using them on your WP posts however has been shown to help with SEO and also allows another form of categorising your content on your blog.

  • Hello Ian,

    It may be 3 years later, But content such as this always come in handy.
    I would love to suggest you show us an example of what a post with tags looks like,
    ie: You have a new post, What do your tags look like? and how did you make yours relevant to the content in said post?
    Since Hashtags are now used by just about everyone, There might be something new you could add!
    I would love to hear what you think about the questions I have asked you.
    I look forward to your answers, As these will even assist me with some relevant studies and posts I have planned.
    Thank you

    • Hi Claude, thank you for your comment.
      When you add tags to your blog post, the idea is to use key words that you want to rank for with online search and make sure they are also used in your content a couple of times. Before you even start your blog post you should have some idea as to what these key words are by using research through place like Google Adwords to find suggestions.
      Then, once you have your list of key words for the post, write it for your readers using the key words in a natural way. Then add the key words as tags before publishing and all will be good.
      You are right about people using hashtags on social media sites, and this can be used for your advantage by using your post tags as hash tags when you share on your own social media efforts.
      I will be writing some more on this subject in the near future, glad you found this post helpful.
      Cheers, Ian

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