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Why Using Tags with WordPress Posts is Important

Use tags on your WordPress posts to increase seo

WordPress blogs allow you to add tags to your posts before you publish them. This can be really good for search engine results both on the post and for your website in general.

So, what is a tag?

A tag is a single word, small group of words or short phrase that can be used to describe your posts content. They do not need to be elaborate, but they do need to be targeted. The more relevant to your post they are, the better they will be used by the search engines to help your content get found. The best way to use tags is to consider what the keywords are for your content, and use these as tags either individually or as a short phrase.

Also, consider what anyone searching for your content would put into a search engine. Most people who are looking for information will not just search for one word, but rather will search for a phrase which is relevant to the problem or question they are looking up the answer to.

With WordPress, you have the ability to create posts, sequential blog type content that you use like a “news” area or to put relevant articles on your site to help visitors understand what you or your business are about. Within the posting area, there is a section where you can add relevant tags to your posts. I see a lot of sites where the authors do not use this function but it is an extremely important one to help with Search Engine Optimisation.

How do you add tags on a WordPress post?

Tags are really easy to add to a post. On the right hand side of the post editing window, there is a section that allows the adding of tags to the post. These can be new tags, or if you click the link that says “Choose from the most used tags”, you can select from tags that you have used before.


  • Use tags on every post you create
  • Make the tags relevant to the content
  • Use a combination of short and long words and phrases
  • Try to think like someone who is searching for your content would when creating them
  • Use suburb, town or location orientated tags where you can

The benefits of using tags in your WordPress posts cannot be underestimated. They are quick and simple to do, and if used on all your content they will help you achieve higher results in the search engines.

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