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Why You Need Your Own Website To Succeed Online

Why You Need Your Own Website To Succeed OnlineThe first part of any online strategy for your business is having your own website to send people to.

This is simply not negotiable and must be a priority to start your online branding and promotion.

People look online when looking for products and services and though some may think this is purely for a price comparison the truth is that you can have higher prices if you can provide them with:

  • A quality website that shows you are professional
  • Information about your product/service
  • Help and advice that solves problems your prospective customers are having
  • Testimonials from existing users
  • Tutorials showing how to use your product or service
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Business information and a contact pathway


The “Free” Models


There are more and more businesses falling into the trap of only using “free” space as a home for their online presence. This includes social media sites, advertisement based hosting and ISP web hosting provided by internet providers as part of a package.


The Problem With “Free”


People looking for your services or products online are trying to see if you are professional, respectable and in business for the long term not just “fly by nighters”. Therefore, when they come across your website you need to be able to build trust straight away.


If your only online presence is a Facebook/LinkedIn/GooglePlus page, or an obscure address piggybacking off another domain name (think mybusinessname.weebly.com) you miss that initial opportunity to show them you are for real.


Along with that, imagine if you had spent months, if not years, building up your “free” online presence and suddenly the service you used changed their terms of service and you had no option but to pay for people to see what you offer, or worse still, close down completely!


The Better Way


This won’t happen if you have your own website. In fact you can control more when you own your website than you ever can with a free one, the address, look, the feel and content is all under your control.


People coming to your site will immediately see that you are a real business, which will start to build trust as they get to know more about you and how the products/services offered will help them.


We have all heard horror stories of businesses paying huge amounts of money for websites that either do not work properly or have totally unnecessary add-ons that make the site harder to use, or are always saying “my site is being built” for months on end.


Your website project does not have to be like that, in fact it can cost less and take less time than you think. You can have a site designed and live within 2 to 3 weeks at an affordable price.


To learn more and get your business online so people wanting your products can find you, take the first step to success and contact us today.


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