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Why You Need Your Own Website To Succeed Online

Why You Need Your Own Website To Succeed OnlineThe first part of any online strategy for your business is having your own website to send people to.

This is simply not negotiable and must be a priority to start your online branding and promotion.

People look online when looking for products and services and though some may think this is purely for a price comparison the truth is that you can have higher prices if you can provide them with:

  • A quality website that shows you are professional
  • Information about your product/service
  • Help and advice that solves problems your prospective customers are having
  • Testimonials from existing users
  • Tutorials showing how to use your product or service
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Business information and a contact pathway


The “Free” Models


There are more and more businesses falling into the trap of only using “free” space as a home for their online presence. This includes social media sites, advertisement based hosting and ISP web hosting provided by internet providers as part of a package.


The Problem With “Free”


People looking for your services or products online are trying to see if you are professional, respectable and in business for the long term not just “fly by nighters”. Therefore, when they come across your website you need to be able to build trust straight away.


If your only online presence is a Facebook/LinkedIn/GooglePlus page, or an obscure address piggybacking off another domain name (think mybusinessname.weebly.com) you miss that initial opportunity to show them you are for real.


Along with that, imagine if you had spent months, if not years, building up your “free” online presence and suddenly the service you used changed their terms of service and you had no option but to pay for people to see what you offer, or worse still, close down completely!


The Better Way


This won’t happen if you have your own website. In fact you can control more when you own your website than you ever can with a free one, the address, look, the feel and content is all under your control.


People coming to your site will immediately see that you are a real business, which will start to build trust as they get to know more about you and how the products/services offered will help them.


We have all heard horror stories of businesses paying huge amounts of money for websites that either do not work properly or have totally unnecessary add-ons that make the site harder to use, or are always saying “my site is being built” for months on end.


Your website project does not have to be like that, in fact it can cost less and take less time than you think. You can have a site designed and live within 2 to 3 weeks at an affordable price.


To learn more and get your business online so people wanting your products can find you, take the first step to success and contact us today.


14 Responses to Why You Need Your Own Website To Succeed Online

  • It would never dawn on me not to have my own individual website in today’s world, Ian, although I’ve heard of people who put up their own website over a weekend on a free site. I generally am leery of the quality of these sites as far as design and depth of content. I guess those free websites are good as a place to start, however, it is so important to have your own controllable presence as you say, where people can find you and your business. Appreciate this post and how clearly you illustrate the “whys” behind the necessity for having your own website!

    • It amazes me still how many business owners hum and har about having a quality website Beverley. Here is Australia the general thought seems to be that it will not help their business enough to warrant the cost. Very frustrating as the benefits far outweigh the perceived expense.

  • I remember this discussion about 3 years ago with the gentleman whose company designed and created my website because I did not know much about websites other than the fact that my mother who is an artist had one that had been developed for her in 2004 and hosted by the developer a Microsoft platform. Thank God for the advice I received at the time about using wordpress.org instead of wordpress.com. Free with advert banners can have a subtle psychological effect on a potential buyer, especially if one is providing high-end services.

    As technology and my knowledge about website platforms have advanced, so has my effort to start building the trust and credibility factor for both websites and knowing that owning one’s domain name and hosting platform space are important even for the business owner. Thanks for raising this point for new business owners who may not know the difference, Ian.

    • Free is not really free at all Vatsala, and as you say the advert banners on the free websites do make a difference in the trust factor for the buyer. To be effective a business website must be a self hosted high quality style to promote the professionalism of the business behind it. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  • Ian, you touched my sore spot. Knew nothing techy when we started 8 years ago & thought my shopping cart with GD was a website. Some well meaning folk I met on FB tried pointing it out to me but as we were not yet an ecommerce business I thought I was ok. Two years ago made the transition to an ecommerce business to discover that for the search engines, it was as if I was starting from scratch. Many errors get made by not knowing. I have a friend who built her site using Wix & she is so pleased with it. It looks great but that’s all I can say about it. I use a webmaster/SEO specialist & in fact we are doing our website in time for the holidays. New theme, colors, logo, ecommerce provider, etc. So many decisions to be made & time pressure.

    • Indeed Roslyn, many errors can be made through lack of knowledge. If you are going to do your own online presence, website included, it pays to either do a lot of research or enlist the services of a professional to avoid making lasting mistakes. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  • So true Ian! I can’t imagine not having my own website. I value having a presence on a number of social media channels, and also realize I need my own real estate for a number of reasons which you’ve highlighted in your post. It’s pretty scary that so many people count on sites they don’t own to share their stories and build their businesses.

    • Yes Deb, it constantly amazes me just how many people don’t think having their own website is important for their business.

  • Ian, great post Gisele and I deal with these types of people on a regular basis. The conversations usually starts with the prospective client stating I just need some small and cheap (inexpensive). They fail to see that their website is a representation of their brand and should be professional, informative and inviting.

    It falls back on the old statement “You get what you pay for.”

    • Hey Joe, I am glad (though I guess I shouldn’t be) that I am not the only one who experiences this on a regular basis. Some though you just have to let go as no amount of proof will change their minds.

  • Hi Ian,
    100% agree with you that to be successful online you must have your OWN website 🙂 It is so important when it comes to branding! Great post!!

  • Ian, great advice and I totally agree with you. having own website is necessity if you are thinking to grow your business. For me, when I’m looking for some service, the first thing I always do is to look for the service on the internet, not using Facebook or other social media. Just for those who are not familiar with computer or internet, it’s very tough and hard to build an own website… this is why we need people like you who know how to do it more efficiently and effectively. Thank you for sharing your tips.

    • Thanks Kaz, though some web designers have made a bad name for us all, most of us are here to help our customers achieve a professional and effective website that promotes their business in the right way.

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